CAT™ Education and Certification Program

Accessibility Contractors get their own program.
NAEC has surveyed its membership on several occasions and the number one priority the membership wanted addressed was the expansion of educational opportunities in the elevator industry. A critical need was identified – the need to increase the number of formally trained technical employees for today and equally important, in the future. As the older technical employees in the industry begin to retire in record numbers this need becomes more pronounced. As a result of an on-going effort to provide important benefits to its members the CET™ (Certified Elevator Technician) program was developed in 2000 for all interested parties within our industry. Now NAEC has expanded CET™ with a program directed to accessibility contractors. The Certified Accessibility and Private Residence Lift Technician program (known as CAT™) is a formal education and certification program specifically designed for the Accessibility Industry. The CAT™ Program includes accountability, testing, and field verification. Through this industry-based certification program, contractors and other employers in the accessibility industry can provide a cost effective approach to training employees and potential employees.


Tools for Application, Apprenticeship and Certification Renewal

CAT Candidate Application
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